We can help you to internally finish your unit. But first you need a good interior design. In this division we provide design services to all other divisions. As we do architectural, structural and interior designs. This service can also be provided to third parties who can contract us directly.

Value has professional engineers specialized in the interior, architectural, civil, structural and all MEP electro-mechanical work.

The engineering division is responsible of doing all the technical and design drawings and detailed shop drawings for the projects to make sure from the details and final results before the site execution.

Engineering division is also responsible of the estimating and evaluating the projects activities and preparing the B.O.Q and initial budgetary prices for the clients along with the design drawings and applying the value engineering work before execution to make sure from the clients demands and analysis the projects after preparing the time schedule and applying the value engineering theories for getting the best results with the optimized prices.

Value Engineering division is ready for supervision, inspecting and executions of the finishing and contacting projects with qualified teams so the clients can make sure from the outcome results on site matching the approved designs.

With a collaboration with the Italian experience and taste, we have a professional Italian partner specialized in the architectural and interior design.

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